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Don’t Scream



93 min.


Kenzie Madison, Jacob Blaze, Austin Coles, Chad Chambers, Aaron Aurora, Sebastian Kane, Ashton Bradley, Leo James


Don’t Scream, Kinky Hardcore Twinks Gay HD Porn Free – You can cry, you can complain, but whatever you do, don’t shout – it will only make the situation worse! These torturers want to share your pain and suffering. They enjoy it and are ready to put their penises in your mouth so that you don’t cry. One naked twink tied naked to a wooden bench is slowly dripping hot wax on his naked body, but the worst is yet to come, his whole cock is completely covered with a wax condom. Don’t Scream is wrapped from head to toe, unable to stop his young master from doing as he pleases, while the other endures intense affection. Almost two hours of humiliation in the dungeon!

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