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Double Helix



72 min.


Damian Knight, Jake Preston, Joey Mills, Luke Connors, Morgxn Thicke


Double Helix gay porn download TwinkPop on Twinks Jake Preston and Joey Mills devise a scheme in response to their jock classmate Clark Reid’s constant hurling of objects at them. Joey jerks Jake off in an Erlenmeyer flask, places it on Clark’s desk. And lets the jock take the fall for cumming in class while the professor forces Clark to write on the board. The professor perp-walks Clark out. Freeing up the lustful college students to do some independent biology research. First missionary, then doggystyle fuck over the desk with Jake. Joey gets on his knees to receive Jake’s sperm in his mouth after sucking the top. And riding him on the professor’s desk till he orgasms.
It’s Double Helix last test day, but the lecturer is running late. Damian Night wants to go, but Jake Preston advises they hold off for five more minutes. Luke Connors insists they stay for the exam. Soon after Damian, who is bored, asks the diligent Luke to show him how to use the scale. The three twinks are engaged in a dick-measuring competition. The firm dicks of Jake and Damian excite Luke. But when Luke flashes his gigantic boner. The other two are genuinely in shock. After joining forces to suck it, Jake. And Luke roast Damian with their spit on the professor’s desk.
Joey Mills and Luke Connors are waiting at the dean’s office, where Morgxn Thicke is sent. Dean Thicke, accustomed to Joey, has higher hopes for Luke. He jacks off as Joey explains his actions. Morgxn leaves the twinks alone, and Luke rims Joey. And gives him a doggystyle fuck to take the largest dick in the class. Enjoy gaypornmovies Double Helix. Gay top porn categories: School Boys, Uniform, Twinks, Threesomes.

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