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DP Me!



82 min.


Pavel Masters, Rodion Taxa, David Hollister, Liam Stone, Joel Tamir, Jake Stark, Nick Fox, Johnny Walsh, Jake Williams


DP Me!, Bare, Staxus Gay HD Porn – Let’s start with Rodion, David and Jake the pizza man! Jake rides Rodion’s cock and David sucks Rodion’s cock! In Act 2, when Joel comes home, Paul hasn’t cooked dinner yet, and what’s more, Paul is so engrossed in his game that he doesn’t even notice Joel! As they kiss passionately, Joel’s hand pulls Paul’s pants down and Joel steps forward to service Paul’s cock. After a while, Paul is hungry for cock too, he sucks Joel’s cock and dares his lover to shake his ass – Paul’s thick cock slides inside Joel, who fucks him mercilessly and immediately shoots his load all over him! DP Me!

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