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Elder Allen



78 min.


Aaron Allen, Elder Floyd, President Roderick


Elder Allen gay porn movies download Missionary Boyz on President Roderick has called Elder Allen and Elder Floyd for a worthiness exam. As Roderick gives the young guys important advice on how to act on their immoral ideas, they are restrained and interrogated. It’s finally time for the lads to be anointed. Elder Allen follows Roderick’s instructions to apply oil on little Floyd’s body despite his nervousness. The pleasure that this trio takes in the event increases along with temptation.
Floyd loses faith in Elder Allen as he informs him that he has sinned. In an attempt to make the missionaries realize how immoral their behavior is, Roderick has them kneel and swallow his penis. The young guys are forced to give their asses to Roderick in order to make peace when he discovers the missionaries smelling his undergarments!Muscular, hairy-chested daddy ties up a smarmy guy. He wants to enjoy his body. Daddy dominates the young guy. A hairy, muscular man forces a young guy to suck his cock while his friend watches the spectacle. The cock fucks his deep throat deeper and deeper. After that, daddy fucks twink’s tight ass and invites his friend to fuck him. Gay threesome with uniformed daddies and young gay men. All scenes are filmed without condom use. Hot, intense gay fuck. Free gay porn download categories: Twinks, Uniform, Threesomes, Daddies.

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