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Elder Clarke: Chapters 5-8



76 min.


President Lewis, Elder Jones, Elder Hansen, Elder Clarke, Joey Doves


Elder Clarke: Chapters 5-8, Missionary Boyz Gay Porn – Elder Clark and Elder Jones are very close and Elder Hansen is having a hard time leaving the house. Clark and Jones decide they will not leave until they are in Hansen’s hole, so they sneak up on Hansen in the shower. Bishop Aaron is quite intimidating, but knowing that he has Jones on his side to stand up to Aaron, all Clark can think about is getting hard in his pants. The Sacrifice is one of the most sacred beings in the Order, but he is actually a boy in a mask whose body is used as needed. Clark and Jones discover the masked boy and pleasure him with all their sexual energy. Elder Clarke, President Nelson and Bishop Aaron learn of the boy’s encounter with the sacrifice and teach him pleasure through punishment.

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