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Elder Ledger



76 min.


Brody Kayman, Sam Ledger, Dakota Lovell


Elder Ledger Download Porn Missionary Boyz. President Kayman has seen that Elder has been sidetracked by lewd ideas. Giving him a taste of flesh and demonstrating what it’s like to have a guy inside of him is the finest way to clear his thoughts. The sacred act of merging with his commander is finally happening. And this is the moment of glory. Lovell accuses Ledger of misconduct, and President Kaymen calls the two youths into his office. Ledger is smacked and blindfolded. Lovell is given the task of carrying out Ledger’s initiation ritual. Elder Lovell performs the procedure he was taught by his superiors after asking his companion to undress. Enjoy gay porn dvd free Elder Ledger. Categories: Threesomes, Twinks

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