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Elder Masters: Chapters 1-4



123 min.


President Summers, Kai Masters, President Lewis


Elder Masters Missionary Boyz Exclusive Free Gay Porn HD – Masters is summoned by President Trent Summers for a complete physical. President Summers must check his body to make sure it complies with easement requirements after learning about his tattoos. The crucial responsibility of determining if Masters possesses the skills and qualities that would make him a deserving addition to the ranks of the Order is given to President Lewis. Gay men is called to President Lewis’ residence for questioning. The youngster assures President Lewis that he has maintained his purity, but Lewis knows better and gives the boy a lesson he won’t soon forget.
Gya dads requested to carry out the anointing ceremony at Bishop Summers’ headquarters. Bishop Summers is taken aback by how well-groomed Elder Masters is, but he is also aware of Elder Masters’ covert tattoos, so he instructs him to take off his clothes and start applying oil to his body. The ceremony rapidly increases in intimacy.

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