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Elder Packer: Chapters 1-4



73 min.


President Oaks, Alex Riley, Elder Packer, President Lewis, Bishop Angus


Elder Packer: Chapters 1-4, Missionary Boyz Gay porn – feels himself getting hard as he washes President Oaks’ feet, and when he looks into the older man’s eyes, he has an undeniable urge to please. Wanting to shine, Packer doesn’t know what the Order is planning, but when Bishop Angus’ instructions begin, Packer is willing to do whatever is asked of him. Elder Lim has a crush on Packer, and when President Lewis encourages him to shower with the curly-haired Packer, he can’t contain his excitement. President Lewis gives the young men instructions and films the entire exchange until he decides to join them. Elder Packer feels mentally and physically exhausted. With only the goal of being welcomed into the Order, he has been pushing himself to the limit, doing what he is asked to do without hesitation.

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