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Elder Reign Chapters 1-4



123 min.


Joel Someone, Trent Summers, President Lewis, Taylor Reign


Elder Reign Missionary Boyz Newest Gay Porn Movies – Elder Reign and Bishop Summers gather to execute a cleaning ceremony. Bishop Summers orders the young guy to undress and lie down on a table so that he can be anointed with holy oil. The seduction ritual becomes delectably immoral. Elder Summers is summoned to Bishop Summers’ office due to his recent actions. Elder Prine swears that all he wants to do is be a worthy missionary, thus he must prove his loyalty by carrying out every order issued by Bishop Summers.
President Lewis requests that the Elder Board take a credibility test. Lewis will soon teach the Elder Board a valuable lesson that he will never forget. President Lewis requests that the Elder Board submit a report to his office for full review. Elder Board agrees to do exactly what President Lewis advises, and in exchange, he receives a reasonable compensation for wandering through the President’s cramped, starving hole. Bareback Gay sex in BDSM. Dicks the Bigger Anal pornography clothing daddies fucks Religion guys fucking twinks asshole Domination Fetish

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