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Elder Terrant Chapters 1-4



88 min.


Edward Terrant, Beau Reed


Elder Terrant Missionary Boyz Premium Gay HD Porn Free. When Elder is called into President Reed’s office, he is unsure of what to expect. While maintaining his composure, the older guy expresses his appreciation to Terrant for the young man’s service in the church. Reed suggests giving Elder Terrant a special massage because she feels a reward is due. Trust is crucial inside the church, and President Reed knows this, so he puts Elder Terrant to the test. In order for the young Elder to fully rely on President Reed’s perceptive hands, he ties his hands behind his back.
Elder Reed admits that since their last meeting, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about President Reed when masturbating. Although the elder man is sympathetic, he cautions Reed that these ideas must be set aside and that they can engage in certain activities to sate their carnal urges. Terrant is confronted by President Reed on claims that he was involved in immoral behavior with another boy. Terrant doesn’t dispute it and voluntarily agrees to punishments.

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