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5 / 5. 1

Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls



81 min.


Austin Wolf, Chuck Conrad, Dom King, Olivier Robert, Tim James


Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls gay porn download on Tim James has returned to the country after years away without saying goodbye. But he won’t be welcomed back with a simple put on of his cowboy hat. Tim starts flirting with Chuck Conrad, the ranch worker. The large, muscular man stops working so Tim may suck his cock and then fuck the bottom over a pile of hay. Cowboy Chuck puts a load on Tim’s face. And eases his blue balls because even cowboys get blue blue balls. Tim gets pounded on his back and then cums as he rides that massive dick for all he’s worth.
Tim James struggles to adjust to country life, causing scolding from his mom. His new neighbors, Angelica and Austin Wolf. Visit and surprise him by touching his bulge under the table. And taking out his cock behind women’s backs. They share a heart-to-heart about fucking men in the country. And Austin pulls Tim close for a kiss. Tim sucks the top, gets rimmed, and is fucked on straw bales, receiving a facial.
Dom King struggles with his brother’s return home. But he manages to cope with his feelings through shooting practice with his friend Olivier Robert. They share a heartfelt conversation. Where Dom confesses his envy for his brother’s openness to be gay. Olivier, who has been wanting Dom, finally kisses and sucks his cock, and Dom shoots his load. Enjoy gaypornmovies Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls. Gay porn movies download categories: Outdoors / Public Sex, Uniform, Village Gay Porn, Feature / Parody.

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