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Filthy Innocents 2



73 min.


Robbie Dane, Craig Keller, Jack Flynn, Beno Eker, Diego Martin, Chris Summers, Anton Marceau, Jackson Wright


Filthy Innocents 2, Southern Strokes Gay HD Porn – The most handsome and sexy young man can sometimes make other young men and mature men want him very much. This is probably because we can’t resist beauty. Especially for handsome men who seem so innocent. Benno Ecker, Jack Flynn, Chris Summers, Jackson Wright, Craig Keller, Robbie Dane, Anton Marceau and Diego Martin in this DVD are some of the cutest and most innocent twinks you will ever meet. But don’t let that fool you. These guys look like virgins. They’re spoiled from birth and that’s exactly what these Twinks in Filthy Innocents 2 are.

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