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First Time 1



128 min.


Mattias Solich, Diesel O’Green, Jake Genesis, Abel Pozsar, Mike Colucci


First Time 1 Kristen Bjorn Video Gay Porn Movies Free – There is a first time for everything for men. the initial Part 1 delves into the world of ravenous, alluring guys from around the globe and their initial interactions with various forms of sex. All of this inevitably results in a man-to-man fucking and sucking frenzy where tons of cum stream out and you’re sure to start shooting as well! Diesel O’Greene is introduced to the delights of male sex by Abel Polsar through seduction. Milos Zambo has never been fucked, and Lucio Saint aims to change that. When Valentino Porto enters the workshop, Rado Zumba and Matthias Solich are working on a blow job. Valentino is yanked right into the thick of things.
Mike Collucci goes fishing in a river with Jake Genesis. The man poles are suddenly brought out for some hot sucking and fucking action while the fishing poles are suddenly hurled. Lucio is urged by Abel to boast about his victory. A foursome orgy with Milos and Diesel takes place, and Diesel is double-fucked by all three of the guys.

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