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Fist First (Club Inferno)



78 min.


Dean Young, Trevor Brooks, Mat Wolff, Devin Franco, Carter Collins, Oliver Marks


Fist First (Club Inferno) Gay Porn Movies. You never forget the first time! Watch as your favorite porn stars go ‘Fist First (Club Inferno)‘ into NakedSword X Club Inferno’s underground garage for their first-ever on-camera fisting. After a long day’s labor, Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive. Dean Young is the first to get stretched out. Stripping down alongside Mat Wolff and Trevor Brooks and opening up his smooth cheeks for anything. From a thick metal chain to a bareback cock to Mat’s fists. Dean, pleased with his first fisting experience. Reciprocates by fisting Mat’s jockstrap-framed ass. And filling both of his fuck-ready mates with enormous objects.
During the following shift, boyfriends Carter Collins. Oliver Marks are unable to pay for some necessary auto repairs. But horny mechanic Devin Franco is eager and happy to accept alternate forms of payment. Deep in the auto shop, the two work together to service Devin. Fist him until his beautiful red rosebud is fully exposed. Devin then decides it’s time to fuck rookie Oliver with his massive dick and Carter’s lubed fist until the young twink’s ass is thoroughly worn. He’s coated head-to-toe with hot nut. BDSM gay porn threesome of muscular men. Who are ready to fist their ass, fuck their anal with a big dick and cum in their mouth.

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