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Fraternity Fantasies Pledges Strike Back



126 min.


Big Mike, Brandon Anderson, Cameron Neuton, Carter DelRey, Conrad Parker, Des Irez, Elliot Finn, Gabe Bradshaw, Harley Xavier, Jayden Marcos, Jonathan Tylor, Masyn Thorne, Max Lorde, Nico Coopa, Walden Woods, Zayne Bright


Fraternity Fantasies Pledges Strike Back Download Gay Porno. Welcome to the Fraternity Fantasies Pledges Strike Back Edition. Brandon Anderson is the new pledgemaster. And he has a new bunch of pledges to get in shape. But first, some good old-fashioned fraternity entertainment. Brandon, with the aid of Fraternity President Elliot Finn. Educates Masyn Thorne and Carter DelRey about brotherhood. Zayne Bright has had enough: Gabe Bradshaw is always pushing him out of their room to hook up with other guys! Zayne puts his foot down. However, when Gabe tries to bring Harley Xavier to hook up, Zayne and Gabe become hot.
Des Ires and his partner Max Lorde are sick of being picked on during fraternity pledge week. Des devises a strategy to stand up to pledge masters Jayden Marcos and Nico Coopa. But will it succeed? Or will this only exacerbate the situation? Jonathan Tylor, Masyn Thorne, and Cameron Neuton. College pals, are set to graduate and embark on different paths. But Jonathan wants to do one more thing to celebrate before they head out into the real world. We all know what comes next, right? Incredible foursome sex. Gabe Bradsha, Harley Xavier, and Zayne Bright Are Flip Fucking. Strike Back pledges to fuck. Graduation, homosexual Fuck.

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