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Fresh Fuckers



84 min.


Rick Palmer, Matthew Sommer, Luce Fair, Rodion Taxa, Joel Tamir


Fresh Fuckers Staxus Gay HD Porn Free – Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a homosexual xxx video with a cool summer vibe? It’s not surprising that when two flexible lads come together, it can be one hell of a ride, so when Joel and Rodion get back from a picture session, they’ll soon be testing one other for manhood on the couch. A new model, Luce Fair, a dashing Estonian lad who will stop at nothing to get cum out of his companion, is also introduced to us in this movie by Staxus. Rick Palmer, their model-two-timer, is also back, and after going to the gym, he requests Ray Rio give him one final anal workout for the day. Fresh Fuckers a romantic breakfast evolved into a fierce fuck-fest, and Rodion and Luke dared to witness what these two horny little devils were doing.

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