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Friendly Fire 12



141 min.


Brian Torrez, Zack Matthews, Ryan Jordan, Colton Phobos, Quentin Gainz, Allen Lucas, Ivan James, Dominic


Friendly Fire 12 Active Duty Gay HD Porn Free – Claude continues and the boys relax and fatten their cocks for a few minutes. When their clothes are removed, Zack takes the initiative and bends down to wash his mouth on Quentin’s handsome cock. Ryan Jordan returns the favor and offers Dominic a salami. Nice and beautiful with a nice swollen cock. Ryan’s lean physique shows that he is both strong and beautiful; Brian Torres’ ass is shiny, tanned and incredible; Allen Lucas dives into his face and lets his tongue explore unexplored territories; Dominic’s cock is a nice, thick, thick, thick, thick cock. Once that hole is properly aroused, he starts to thrust his still throbbing penis into Brian’s hard ass and Quentin Heinz enjoys Ivan James’ thick cock while Colton Phobos takes Quentin’s hard cock inside him. Friendly Fire 12.

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