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Friendly Fire 18



131 min.


Andrew Miller, Brandon Evans, Brian O’Conner, Cam Steele, Chase Tyler, Major Mike, Mick Marlo, Niko Carr, Vince Vega


Friendly Fire 18 Gay Porn Free. Niko Carr and Vince Vega enter the room together and immediately want to get into a fuck. It was difficult to stop them from having sex nearly instantly. What is the scene that results, though? The really amazing Friendly Fire 18. It’s evident from the first shot that Blain O’Connor and Chase Tyler are really at ease with one another. Their flip-fucking activity is very enjoyable to watch because of this. This scenario is really intense and steamy. Things become really hot between Andrew Miller and Cam Steele as the latter opens up to him about his sexual preferences. Andrew Miller is always a lot of fun to be around.
And anything you should be aware of? These two shoot really well. They have a lot of cum. And you will as well. It looks really fantastic that Brandon Evans and Mick Marlo are working out together. However, seeing them flip fuck? Seeing Brandon plow Mick while taking use of his massive dick? It is incredible, holy shit. Enjoy gay porno Friendly Fire 18!

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