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Frisky Boyfriends



147 min.


Roman Todd, Johnny Riley, Damien Hyde, Jimmy Clay, Markie More, Bridger Watts, Quentin Gainz, Dalton Briggs


Frisky Boyfriends Next Door Studios Gay Porn Movies Free – Damien Hyde places his hand on Johnny Riley’s knee, soothing him and reminding him of the joy they had. Roman Todd and Quentin Heinz are relaxing by the pool, soaking up some rays, taking a brief dip, and riding horses–all usual fare until the butt scramble game becomes too heated. Jimmy Clay and Bridger Watts are at home relaxing and enjoying the game, but something draws their attention away from the screen. “They’re great for staying in bed and just fucking in the afternoon,” says Marky Mohr, and Dalton Briggs admits he hasn’t had sex in a while.

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