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Fuck Me Like You Mean It



87 min.


Jaymus (Sean Cody), Mick (Sean Cody), Marco (Sean Cody), Riley (Sean Cody), Archie (Sean Cody), Jack (Sean Cody), Wagner (Sean Cody), Jayce (Sean Cody)


Fuck Me Like You Mean It Sean Cody Gay HD New Porn Movies Free – Both Wagner, who is toned, and Jayce, who is muscular, are eager to get to know one another better. I’m eager to get to know this man completely. Tall stud Jayce exclaims, “He’s got a great ass, and I’m looking forward to pounding it. Jayce enquires, “What do you think about me smashing you?” Dark-haired Wagner replies, “I think that sounds perfect to me,” patting Jayce’s broad arm. A lusty Jayce asks, “You want this dick inside you?”.
Wagner takes Jayce’s enormous dick and exclaims, “Yeah, let’s see it!” Oh, it feels wonderful. Wagner exclaims, “I can’t wait to get some of that.” That clenched ass? Oh, that will be wonderful. Fuck Me Like am really excited! Jayce takes Wagner out of the pool and slings him over his shoulder so he can get into that ass while yelling, “He’s my bitch!”

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