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4.5 / 5. 2

Fucked Raw in Prison



120 min.


Unknow person


Fucked Raw in Prison gay porn free download on Newest addition to Dragon Media repertoire of high-quality gay porn movies is set to release in 2024. This tantalizing film features four sizzling scenes of muscular men engaging in passionate. And raw sexual encounters within the confines of a prison setting. First scene opens with two muscular cops taking advantage of their power and authority. They force a prisoner to submit to their carnal desires. The prisoner is helpless as the cops take turns fucking him in the ass. Thrusting themselves deep inside of him with raw and animalistic passion. The prisoner is also made to service the cops orally, wrapping his lips around their hard cocks. And swallowing every last drop of their cum.
Second scene in Fucked Raw in Prison takes place at night in a jail cell. Hairy daddy takes control. Asserting his dominance over the younger inmate as he fucks him rough and raw. The power dynamics between the two men are clear. But the younger inmate is more than willing to submit to the hairy daddy’s rough advances. Third gay porn scene features two muscular men with massive cocks and tight, hairy asses. They engaging in a raw and passionate bareback fuck that leaves them both panting. The men take turns fucking each other. Their rough hands gripping each other’s shoulders as they thrust themselves deeper and deeper inside. The scene is full of raw, primal energy, and both men are left cumming in asshole.
Final porn scene of ‘Fucked Raw in Prison‘ features a rough jailbait bareback fuck. Two janitors sneak off to fuck each other’s asses in the privacy of a utility closet. They fuck each other hard and rough. Their bodies slapping together as they reach their climax.

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