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Fuck’n Hard



84 min.


Vince Parker, Riley Mitchel, Musclebear Montreal, Jax Hammer, Jake Nicola, Jack Andy, Brian Bonds


Fuck’n Hard Pride Studios Newest Gay Porn Movies – Jake Nicola’s father has given him a special cake for his birthday. Jake, though, is going to receive something nicer from Vince Parker. With his hand down his shorts, Brian Bonds amuses himself. While they are both in the locker room, he makes fun of Jax Hammer. They kiss while Brian tickles Jax’s cock over his shorts before kneeling down to suck on it. Riley Mitchel and Jack Andy snuck out the first opportunity they could after learning about their coworker’s hidden workplace fuck location to check it out for themselves.
They both agree that it is the ideal location because no one else would think to look for them there. Not wanting to be outdone by their coworker, they waste no time starting to fight. Riley turns Jack around and has his way after tongue-fucking him first and then squeezing his rock-hard dick deep inside of him. Julian Torres enjoys worshipping a bear decked out in leather. Fortunately for Julian, Musclebear Montreal, who enjoys providing a nice bareback fucking, is in town. Watch as Musclebear and Julian perform the long-awaited fucking on each other.

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