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4 / 5. 2

Gay College Passion



95 min.


Abel, Cedric, Etienne, Gael, Gerard, Gustave, Joel, Mark


Gay College Passion Download Gay Porn Cum Freaks for There’s good reason why college years are sometimes referred. As the finest times in a young man’s life. Particularly if the obscene exploits chronicled in Cum Freaks’ Gay College Passion are any indication. Even if Etienne, Gustave, and Gerard were unintelligent young men. When they enrolled at this prestigious university, you can be sure that this situation doesn’t last for very long. In fact, they’re having the type of wanton fuck-fests that make youth so wonderfully wonderful before you realize it. Enter a fantastic, ball-sapping frenzy that will make lovers of Twink wank like never before. This cum-soaked classic is definitely one to see. Thanks to a beautiful show of pent-up spunk. This movie belongs to the following gay porn categories: School Boys, Threesomes, Twinks.

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