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5 / 5. 1

Gay Voodoo



91 min.


Dillon Diaz, Lance Hart, Draven Navarro, Tony Orlando, Ricky Larkin, Sergeant Miles, Daniel Hausser


Gay Voodoo, PervOUT Gay porn – “We are thrilled with Gay Voodoo. Sergeant Miles and Daniel Hauser are great additions to the Man Up lineup. Of course, Dillon Diaz, Tony Orlando, Ricky Larkin, and Draven Navarro slay as usual. You’ll see some intense butt-fucking, but you’ll also see some real emotional and mental domination. If you like watching muscular men dominate and be dominated, you’ll love this one. -Lance Hart Voodoo Butt Sex Tony Orlando and Draven Navarro; Super Twink Abducted: Daniel Hausser and Sergeant Miles; Ricky Voodoo Butt Fucks his Gym Buddy: Ricky Larkin and Dillon Diaz; Twink Cop Mind Fucked: Lance Hart, Sergeant Miles and Daniel Hausser; Locker Room Mind Fuck: Sergeant Miles and Daniel Hausser; Robot Meltdown: Ricky Larkin and Dillon Diaz.

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