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Guerrilla Troops 10



124 min.


Johnny B, Justin Lewis, Chris Damned, Brandon Anderson, Tyler Lakes, Ryan Jordan, Alex James, Daniel Greene


Guerrilla Troops 10 Active Duty Gay HD Porn Free – Ryan Jordan and Daniel Green, two of our disorganized privates, were dressed improperly for their profession. They’ll be sucking cock and will need to shed their garments quickly. Brandon Anderson and Johnny B. II are housed in the barracks by Major Woods, and because of Brandon’s lack of discipline, he is assigned to duty sucking cock. Tyler Lakes and Private Alex James confess their long-standing desire for one another, and it doesn’t take long for them to strip off their clothing and get intimate with one another. Chris Damned begins by kissing Justin Lewis while wearing a military outfit. They softly stroke each other’s crotches with their hands as they feel each other’s bodies throughout the kiss. Guerrilla Troops 10 directs Justin to his crotch, but Justin begins to lick his underwear before moving on to his boots.

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