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Guerrilla Troops 15



144 min.


Brock Kniles, Davin Strong, Guido, Jeremiah Cruz, Liam Hunt, Mick Marlo


Guerrilla Troops 15 Gay Porn Movies Active Duty on gay top net. Back and eager to enjoy a sensual flip-fuck with the attractive soldier Guido is Beefcake Brock Kniles. These two attractive tattooed guys don’t take long. Start taking advantage of each other’s vulnerabilities. Liam Hunt and Davin Strong, the recruits, are hot fucks. Mick Marlo, a Hung recruit, is eager to let loose with the well-built ginger stud Jeremy Cruz. Watch these two massively attractive dick studs flip and suck. Mick Marlo, a recent recruit, finds it easy to settle in with Liam Hunt’s guidance. They clearly have a lot of chemistry with one another. Thus, you can tell Guerrilla Troops 15 is going to be a fun watch. When these two eventually start flipping. Gay porn categories: Military, Uniform

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