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Hardcore Hookups 2



90 min.


Dante Colle, Dillion Diaz, Devin Trezz, Gus Del Rey, August Alexander, Zario Travezz, DeAngelo Jackson, Nic Sahara


Hardcore Hookups 2 Noir Male Newest Gay Porn HD Free. Funny man Devin Trez, Gus Del Rey’s roommate. Has had enough of Gus Del Rey’s antics. Devin has lost his wallet. His cell phone charger. Now he doesn’t have a towel to dry off with after a hot shower. When Devin says he knows Gus likes him and his enormous dick. It turns out Gus is the one getting the funny. Gus, who is both shocked and excited. Caves in to Devin and transforms a joke into a steamy fuck between housemates. You’ll wish you had roommates like these hot guys in this sensual setting. Which was directed by Ricky Greenwood and written by Nick Fitt.
Dillon Diaz has been remembering the night he and his partner decided to have some fun by having Nic Sahara. Playboy at the time, over for a three-way. Up until this point, when he gets the opportunity to have Nic all to himself this evening. Dillon just couldn’t forget that night. Nic Sahara, a stylishly attired, smooth-talking present to himself. Has given Dillon a surprise this time. Watch “The Gift,” which was written and directed by Ricky Greenwood, to see how these two attractive young guys reunite in a way they never thought was possible.
When peeping-tom August Alexander, who has been keeping tabs on him for days, welcomes new neighbor Zario Travezz inside for a glass of water among other things, he is just finishing up in the yard tending to his prize-winning petunias. With the help of Ricky Greenwood, Dillon Diaz directed and wrote his debut scene, which is about being a good neighbor and begins with a kind act that progresses to passionate bare fucking.

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