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Her Husband’s a Bottom



93 min.


Dillon Diaz, Jim Fit, JJ Knight, Pierce Paris, Trevor Harris


Her Husband’s a Bottom Download Free Disruptive Films. Sean (Hans Berlin) is interested in genealogy. And hopes to grow his family’s tree by getting all of his relatives to take DNA tests. When his cousin Tristan (Declan Blake) receives his results. Finds that he’s not really connected to Sean at all, he is shocked. A seemingly content married guy, Marcus (Dillon Diaz) works with his expectant wife Kelly (Liz Revamped). One day, Kelly is informed by Marcus that. He must visit a construction site while she remains at the office. Marcus utilizes a hookup app to phone a Jim (Pierce Paris) as soon as he arrives at the construction site.
Though it’s not the first time Marcus has messed with his wife. This time will be remembered. Before James (JJ Knight) got the much sought-after promotion that both men were fighting for, coworkers James and Ben (Jim Fitt) were in a romantic relationship. Their relationship breaks down as a result of their work-related stress. Ben accuses James of having sex in the office restroom after their split. Ben fiercely refutes the charges. Which person in Her Husband’s a Bottom is being truthful? This porn film belongs to the following porn categories. Bareback, Bathroom / Toilete, Daddies, Feature / Parody, Incest Porn, Interracial, Uniform.

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