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High Gear



81 min.


Alpha Wolfe, Devin Franco, Drew Valentino, Luca del Rey, Tryp Bates


High Gear Download Gay Porn. There’s only one place to go if you’re seeking for a group of cock-hungry strangers and the newest Fort Troff kink items to empty your balls. Expand your hole, and kick things into High Gear. Deep in an abandoned warehouse, director Jasun Mark is preparing a variety of fuck machines. Slings, and extreme gear for five of the sexiest fuckers. The first is Drew Valentino, who is wearing a harness. Drew lets leather daddy Tryp Bates go down on his massive dick. His hard meat peeking out of his jockstrap, before giving Tryp’s cock a Banshee Pump 2.0 and breeding his ass.
When Tryp is hungry for more, he is strapped to Fort Troff’s Elite Bondage Bench. And hammered by Drew’s bareback dick and a girthy Missile Thruster. Devin Franco then takes a seat on a rim chair. Which will be serviced from both ends by Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe. When Devin is ready for more, the pair attaches a Diamond X3 fuck machine to the adaptable bottom’s stretched slit and allows the toy to do its harm on Devin’s hole. Luca then brings the warehouse connection to a creamy conclusion by putting on a hood. Sliding into a Diamond X4 Pro Sling to be bred by a throbbing stranger cock. Enjoy High Gear!

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