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Hung And Cocky



74 min.


Drew Dixon, Romeo Davis, Mateo Fernandez, Ethan Chase, Ray Diesel, Jeremy Feist, Brendan Patrick


Hung And Cocky, Bareback Cum Pigs Gay Porn – It’s all about the cock and attitude. It always has been. Because cocks make the world go round. It makes our mouths water, our knees weak, and our anuses pulse. As for attitude, well. What can I say? If you are a big cocked, cocky person, you will never want a piece of ass. If you don’t believe me, just look at Ethan Chase, Jeremy Feist, Mateo Fernandez, Brendan Patrick, Romeo Davis, Ray Diesel, and Drew Dixon. Hung And Cocky At the top and at the bottom, these men love, crave, and live for men who are hungry and cocky men!

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