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Hung For Fun



92 min.


Pascal White, Ricky, Brad, Jake, Henri, Elio, Will, Marc


Hung For Fun, Maskurbate Gay HD Porn – Without a doubt, this was the perfect time to shoot him! A few days ago, you all took part in our poll, and I am so glad you did. He is the model you all want back the most. I never force a mask on a model. Hung For Fun sometimes they speak for me and help convince me to do something I would not normally do. In Brad’s case, I have to admit that I wanted him to take off his mask. He is a very handsome man. You would think that a man like him would start eating and drinking like crazy after the convention. But that is not the case, he is already looking forward to next year’s convention. It has been a pleasure to watch his progress both in and out of the gym!

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