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In Daddy’s Arms



181 min.


Evan Stone, Jaxton Wheeler, Johnny Torque, Paul Canon, Ryan Wilcox, Max Sargent, Riddick Stone, Morgan Shades, Brenner Bolton


In Daddy’s Arms, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn FREE – Five stories of paternal passion in which a father shares his wisdom and years of experience with eager young lovers. When fat trucker Jaxton Wheeler’s car breaks down, he receives the hospitality of sexy stranger Morgan Schade, whose sheer towel does little to stir Jaxton’s sex-fueled imagination. Jaxton demonstrates to Morgan some of the skills he learned on his travels, and Morgan learns that no good deed goes unrewarded. Paul Cannon, a failing student on the soccer team, hears a rumor that Principal Max Sargent is into guys and decides to offer his hole to Principal Sargent in exchange for better grades. In Daddy’s Arms porn free.

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