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Inspect My Dick



78 min.


Wesley Woods, Killian Knox, Angel Ventura, Brendan Patrick, Sean Duran, Hans Berlin, Joe Parker


Inspect My Dick, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn – Finding that it has been several weeks, he tells his patient that he has blue balls and may be able to help him. Sean Duran wants to go home soon, but Wesley Woods says he wants to hurry before he finishes his work. Inspect My Dick tries to leave early before he finishes his work. Angel Ventura puts his hand down his pants and finds that Hans Berlin has already gotten stronger. Luckily, Angel is the kind of employee who is willing to make mistakes on the job, so he starts masturbating with his dick and kneels down to try it out. Killian Knox is spending the day alone and needs someone to help him with. He hopes she is the one who will solve his problems. Hard and horny, she finds a nice fat vibrator to enjoy some anal fun outdoors.

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