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72 min.


Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Johnny Hill, Johnny B, Kaleb Stryker, Theo Brady, Nate Grimes


Jizzed Gay DVD porn movies free. Nate Grimes unexpectedly requested a double facial from. Her polyamorous boyfriends Pierce Paris and Johnny B. He backed out at the last minute. Nate keeps dodging Johnny and Pierce’s attempts to catch himю He sneakily jizzes on both of their faces when they least expect it. Johnny and Pierce decide to catch Nate the following time. The boys finally give Nate what’s been cumming to him after blindfolding the cum dodger with his own underwear. Then they celebrate with a threesome. In between Nate sucking Pierce’s cock and Johnny fucking Nate in the doggie style. It’s Pierce’s turn to piledrive Johnny before Nate sucking Johnny in the doggie style.
As Nate and Pierce alternately strain Johnny’s tight spot. Nate reclines to receive the double facial he so richly deserves before cumming all over himself.
Theo Brady’s mother knocks on the door just as handsome. Horny Kaleb Stryker drops some cum on Theo’s face. He feels he has just enough time for a bj before she comes. Kaleb is angry that his man’s mother threw him out of the room in his own home. Jizzed makes a promise to jizz Theo’s face to mark his territory!

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