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Jocks and Twinks of the South



78 min.


Joey Vox, Carson Carver, Logan Taylor, Tony Newport, Tyler Sweet, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Marc Jacobs


Jocks and Twinks of the South, Southern Strokes Gay HD Porn – There always seems to be a great divide in life. Us and them. It is no different on college campuses. Some jocks are from the South, some twinks are from the South. On campus, the two will never meet, but off campus it is a different story. Mark Jacob, Trevor Luster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Tony Newport, Logan Taylor, Nick Holiday, Carson Carver, and Tyler Sweet are some of the Southern who crave and excel at the two things they most Getting together off campus for. Cocks and Holes. FUCKING. These are the jocks and twinks of the South!

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