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5 / 5. 1

Jockstrap Workout!



85 min.


Toby George, Rami Ferris, David Hollister, Danny Jones, John Hardy, Jake Williams


Jockstrap Workout Sport Ladz Gay HD Porn Download Free – Who doesn’t enjoy seeing some of the sexiest celebrities work out? Muscle twins Toby and Jake work out on their exercise ball in the opening scene, but it goes without saying that the ball won’t be the only thing moving up and down! The second scene is driven by these mischievous boys who stole a rubber band from the gym. The boys’ quarrel over it got them in the mood for another ass-opening adventure as they let the oil out over Jake’s hot physique!
In the third scene, David Hollister and John Hardy are featured. It goes without saying that David will end up with a creamy hole since they quickly have their cocks hanging out of their jockstraps in preparation of the approaching action. Finally, Rami wants to work out for the day. However, David has left the area filthy, and Rami is not wearing underwear under his shorts, leaving little room for David to imagine. As a result, David swiftly wraps his lips over Rami’s cock and eventually receives a facial!

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