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Joey 2



132 min.


Joey (Sean Cody), Louis Marque, Darryl (Sean Cody), Hector


Joey 2 Gay Porn Movies Free Sean Cody for We knew Joey was certainly Hector’s type the instant Hector met him. He still took Joey and felt him up even though they were hiking in the vast outdoors. The sexual tension eventually became so strong that we had to move it indoors. Where Hector took it very slowly and demonstrated to his bottom the pleasures of taking every inch of his huge cock!
Howard returned to take Joey’s enormous butt because he couldn’t get enough ass. He continued peeking at Joey’s ass throughout the day and was so preoccupied with it that he lost his sense of reason. “I have been squatting!” Joey described how his ass improved and grew larger. Joey is great, but due of the ass, I’m a little preoccupied and biased. It was all Howard could think about!
What better way to introduce Darryl to the beautiful world of gay sex than to just dive in with our favorite muscle bottom? Darryl hasn’t had much experience with guys in the past. Joey was delighted to assume the role! Darryl briefly discussed his one encounter with a soccer teammate. Saying, “We were both having showers and jerked each other off. The most I’ve accomplished is that. I’m kind of curious to do more now. And he did more. Everywhere on Joey’s body gay top porn!
There was no way Kellin and Joey. Who arrived on a motorcycle and were pitching and catching balls while shirtless, could have looked more attractive. Who is a superior baseball player? Each of them held up a hand. Enjoy gay porn download Joey 2.

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