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La Manif (Menoboy)



66 min.


Jaff Red, Delta Kobra, BBK Block, Kevin David, Jules Lancelot, Ludovic Peltier


La Manif (Menoboy) Download Gay Porn. Jaff Red informs his larger Brazilian brother. He was taken advantage of the police at a protest. So, to teach the immoral officers a lesson, Delta Kobra and his pal will pay them a visit. Gay police are wild and wrecked, and they love to be quiet. Therefore, I doubt they will retain the lesson. A fresh episode of Manif: Jules (the yellow vest) finds himself in his room. With the attractive homosexual police officer Kevin David after the BBK Block is arrested. The two men are bonded. They express this and truly enjoy it. They give each other bareback kisses, both active and passive.
Here is the first installment of the miniseries La Manif (Menoboy) Ludovic Peltier, which is a little news in France. A couple of BAC police officers confront a BBK Block. Using the opportunity presented by the release of a yellow vest. The police break into Jules Lancelot’s stylish flat to exact revenge on the young BBK Block. Swift blowjob before the Brazilian gives the cop a bare-faced fuck. This movie belongs to the following gay porn categories: Bareback, Brazilian / Latin, Uniform, Police PornGroup / Orgy gay porn DVD download free.

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