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Learning To Sweat



129 min.


Dante Colle, Justin Matthews, Scott Finn, Ryan Jordan, Julian Brady, Anthony Moore, Carter Woods, Dakota Payne


Learning To Sweat Next Door Newest Gay Porn HD Free. Ryan Jordan is visiting the HappyWoods Spa and Treatment Center for the first time. He feels a little daunted by the variety of possibilities. Ryan is nervous, but Carter Woods senses it and assures him that he will look after him. At the time when recruiter Anthony Moore approaches Julian Brady. He is working out at the gym. He wants to know if Julian would be interested in purchasing a gym membership. Anthony feels discouraged that he won’t be able to attract any more people for the gym because. Julian doesn’t want to be bothered. Julian is followed by Anthony to his house. Where he demonstrates the advantages of his unique package.
Trainer Dante Colle tries to wake up Scott Finn as he lies in bed for the day. Scott isn’t particularly eager to go to the gym. Dante is determined to get him in shape. Even if it means working him out right here in bed. Even though it’s freezing outside. Justin Matthews and Dakota Payne are working up a sweat inside the gym. Justin is admiring his tight ass while Dakota is doing squats. They, Learning To Sweat, both head home after a little shower tease to indulge in their post-gym pleasure!

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