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4.5 / 5. 2

Leather Goods



74 min.


Tryp Bates, Greg Dixxon, Ty Roderick, Johnny Ford, Ryan Sebastian


Leather Goods gay porn free download Fetish Force for Gay-Top is on the phone! And today I have the honour to present to you another BDSM fetish novelty gay porn. Yes, yes, you heard me – it will be really hard and hot. To begin with I want to note that this gay porn film is BDSM porn with daddies in latex. They are dressed in erotic harnesses, heavy boots and their dicks are horny. Now it remains only to watch their sex. Daddies prefer hard fucking, humiliation and BDSM sex. It all boils down to them fucking baribag anal and cumming in gay arse.
The guys from Fetish Force are getting down to nothing but their best “Leather Goods,”. Shiny cock rings, and toughest boots! Join them as they bareback and breed on each other, deep within an abandoned warehouse. Award-winning filmmaker Jasun Mark shows you to five fuck-hungry men. They are ready to drain their balls. Harnessed leather fucker Greg Dixxon feels the barber’s meat pressing up against his forearm as he gets a late-night haircut from Tryp Bates. As soon as one thing leads to another. Tryp is getting his insides smeared in sperm, polishing his client’s boots. And bottoming for his enormous daddy dick.
One pulsing cock is never enough for Johnny Ford. Ty Roderick and Ryan Sebastian, two strangers. Control this hot bottom as it spreads out in a raw sex swing. After being freed from his rope bonds, Ty fucks and fills Ryan Sebastian and Johnny Ford with his massive dick till the men are nutting and emptying all over one other. Enjoy gaypornmovies Leather Goods! Gay top porn categories: Leather, Daddies, BDSM / Fetish.

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