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Lessons in Discretion



84 min.


Cole Blue, Dolf Dietrich, Jack Bailey, Jax Thirio, Korzop Kipling


Lessons in Discretion gay porn download on Gay porn studio Carnal Network has decided to please its fans with another new gay porn featuring scouts. This time the young scouts decide to go camping in the woods. They took tents with them, but forgot to bring condoms. After all, a forest scout camp is a dangerous place for young, innocent twinks. So when the twinks arrive at the scout camp, they discover sexy daddies who are probably looking to fuck them. The gay porn film Lessons in Discretion will feature this very public fucking with daddies. Including porn scenes with porn models like Cole Blue, Dolf Dietrich. And also Jack Bailey, Jax Thirio, Korzop Kipling. This porn line-up is worth seeing in porn action!
Let’s get back to the review of the new gay porn films. All fucking scenes take place in a public outdoor gay porn location. Hairy daddy scoutmasters first arouse young boys. And then they fuck me anal and scream in the woods. Some twink anal fucking scenes are shown in a tent. The scouts have a threesome in the woods. They are not stopped by a public place. So the scoutmaster, a hairy man with a big dick, fucks Tweek in the mouth. When he cums in Tweek’s mouth, she licks his asshole. This arousing forest porn scene can be seen thanks to Lessons in Discretion. Gay porn movies download categories: Daddies,

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