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Let’s Get Quenched!



129 min.


JJ Knight, Cade Maddox, Devin Franco, Gus Del Rey, Zac Snow, Johnny Ford, Devin Trez, Tristan Hunter, Lucas Leon


Let’s Get Quenched! Falcon Studios Newest Gay HD Porn Movies Free – Pack your luggage and join the Falcon men for some naked poolside fun as we toughen up under the hot California sun. Nine ripped stilettos are used by award-winning director Steve Cruz for some scorching, steamy pleasure. Come on then! Why are you holding out? Let’s harden up! The bare dick of Cade Maddox was rolled by Tristan Hunter. Gus Del Rey grabs Devin Trez’s pole in a number of positions after a swim, finishing with come on his stomach. Until Tristan is still encased in their weights, J.J. Knight alternately pokes Johnny Ford and Tristan in their holes. Devin Franco’s huge cock allows Lucas Leon to ride it until both of their balls are empty. Let’s Get Quenched! swim in the pool degenerates into a boisterous.

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