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Lets Stay In Bed



84 min.


Aiden Hart, Adrian Suarez, Chandler Scott, Scott DeMarco, Dylan Drive, Sean Duran


Lets Stay In Bed Pride Studios Gay HD Porn Free – Chandler Scott is sitting on his bed in his messy bedroom playing a game on his cell phone when Dylan Drive walks in and notices a bottle of lube and a towel on the nightstand Chandler shows his interest and soon Dylan melts in his arms and then starts kissing him. Sitting on the bed, Chandler Scott tells Adrian Suarez about an event in town called Pig Week. He quickly confesses that he loves her, but wants Adrian to start cuddling him, because sometimes he also prefers to be on the bottom.
Lets Stay In Bed finally gets Adrian Suarez’s attention and pushes him down on his hard cock, making him suck every inch of it, while Sean chokes on Adrian’s cut cock, bending him over and exposing his sexy hard ass. Aiden Hart tells Scott DeMarco that he needs to stop spending money on nice clothes; unable to resist Scott’s charms, Aiden tells him that if he lets him fuck his life away, he’ll find the money for the trip.

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