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Liam Cole Cum Junkie



94 min.


Brad Tyler, Antonio Miracle, Sam Porter, Mario Domenech, Alexx Desley, Gabriel Fisk, Vlad, Dolf Dietrich, Jessy Karson, Nathan Gear ect.


Liam Cole Cum Junkie, Treasure Island Media Gay HD Porn Free – After several years of filming, sperm addict Liam Cole’s long-awaited movie is finally out! Everything you love about Liam’s movies is here. A good mix of hot British and European men, with some Yankee men thrown in for good measure. The highlight of the movie is a trashy orgy at a London sex party, streamed live in Treasure Island’s free chat room. Sperm addict Gabriel Fisk is at the center of the action, with the rest of the gang abusing him and using every orifice they can get their hands on until the semen addict is happily ejaculating and inseminated. This is Liam Cole Cum Junkie at his best!

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