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Locker Room Hook-ups



83 min.


Landon Kovac, Scott Riley, Sean Duran, Tony Orion, Marcus Isaacs, Doug Acre, Alexander Greene, Valentin Petrov, Christian Wilde


Locker Room Hook-ups, Pride Studios Gay HD Porn Free – Extra Big Dicks presents Locker Room Encounters, a collection of passionate athletes who love having sex with their gym acquaintances, coaches and workout buddies before and after their workouts. What better place to work up such a sweat than in the locker room? As Scott Riley gets ready for the gym, Christian Wilde strips down for a shower and Scott stares at him hungrily. Christian washes up and Scott takes the opportunity to take a peek at his sexy bandages. When he is found sniffing, his punishment, or rather his reward, is to bend over and fuck him deep and hard Austin Keys is trying on the new swim team uniforms, but he has a big problem. Locker Room Hook-ups.

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