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Long And Deep



93 min.


Jamie Steel, Laith Inkley, Carter Woods, Quin Quire, Spencer Laval, Mathias, Princeton Price


Long And Deep, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn Free – When Carter Woods hears that his old roommate Mathias recently broke up with his girlfriend, he can’t help but reminisce about when they were just the two of them. When Rhys Inkley learns that her boyfriend Spencer Laval has returned from the store, she thanks him for the fresh bananas and asks for one in particular. He smiles at Spencer, grasps the bulge in his jeans and looks at him. Long And Deep reveals how deeply she can take Fat’s cock as Donte face fucks her and then takes her down in one hard motion. Firsts are never forgotten and Princeton Price and Quin Quire are no different. They have been waiting to be alone together and today they finally get their chance.

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