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Man Bait



130 min.


Donte Thick, Justin Matthews, Evan Landers, Spencer Laval, Zak Bishop, Scott Finn, Ryan Jordan, Jeremy Spreadums


Man Bait Next Door Studios Gay Porn Movies Free – Zach Bishop isn’t seeking for a truce, but when an attractive stranger (Ryan Jordan) jerks off on a public porch, Zach seizes the moment for what it’s worth. Zach informs him that he has his own apartment and that if Ryan is willing to trade public touches for personal items, he should accompany Zach home. Evan Landers, a freelance photographer, has only recently joined the paparazzi, but he is about to get the story of the year when Spencer Laval spots him prowling around his property trying to get a candid shot. Jeremy Spradums confides in Justin Matthews that he believes his boyfriend is cheating on him.
Man Bait attempts to console Jeremy in the best manner he can think of: by giving him a good firm cock to distract him from his concerns. Scott Finn is a little nervous and nerdy, but Donte Thicke admires him for it. Something about the prospect of cherry-picking Scott’s native Scott prompted Donte to devise a scheme that culminates with him in the bedroom.

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