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76 min.


Chris Damned, Felix Fox, Bryce Hart, Devin Franco


Maniacal gay porn download Fetish Force Newest Gay Porn Movies Free. Your favourite Gay-Top is on the phone. Today let’s talk about a BDSM hardcore gay porn film. If you’re a fan of hardcore gay porn and you like men in latex. This gay porn film will be a godsend. Gay porn dungeon fucking with kinky form of BDSM fetish porn. Underground gay BDSM porn. The crazed star of this fetishized medical facility is the Maniacal Dr. Chris Damned. Chris. A self-described “twisted” doctor, subjected eager patients to painful procedures that resulted in sexual release. Four anything-goes studs who are prepared to accept punishment in exchange for being let off make up. The sexy cast that co-directors Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati have put together. Require a checkup? To receive the whole fetish treatment and relief you require, visit Maniacal Dr. Chris Damned.
Patients Bryce Hart. Felix Fox visit Dr. Damned and leave with far more than they anticipated. They enjoy every fetish this deviant doctor offers, including candle wax on the cock and tools that expand holes. They also enjoy full-on bareback fucking. Devin Franco is seeking medical assistance. And the doctor uses various methods, including electroshock, sounds, clothespins, raw fucking, and more, to make sure no area is left untouched. Enjoy gay porn free download Maniacal! Gay porn categories: BDSM / Fetish, Threesomes, Spanking, Leather.

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