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Meet the Fuck Buddies



147 min.


Johnny Riley, Zak Bishop, Dakota Young, Dalton Riley, Chris Blades, Miles Taylor, Quentin Gainz, Markie More, Jacob Durham, Jack Hunter


Meet the Fuck Buddies Next Door Gay DVD Porn Free Download. The last thing Johnny Riley expected to encounter when he knocked on the door. And was allowed inside was a fantasy scenario. But as Quentin Gainz led him back to the living room. He discovered Jack Hunter and Jacob Durham already fully clothed and engaging in mind games. He looks at Quentin in confusion. Who reassures him that everything is fine while taking off. Johnny’s shirt and guiding him over. When Johnny finally arrives. Quentin lets the other guys see him off and they are all quite impressed.
Suddenly, the three other males start to revolve around Johnny. Making him the center of attention in the orgy. Jack quickly tongues Johnny’s hole before ramming his long, hard cock deep inside the novice while Quentin shoves his cock into Johnny’s mouth. Johnny keeps stuffing his face with cock as Jacob looks at Jack with hunger in his eyes, and Jack gives him a turn. The guys gradually form pairs as Quentin grinds Jack’s ass from behind and Jacob fucks Johnny’s cum before they all spit their loads in a cum-filled celebration of shameless carnal pleasure one at a time. Enjoy Meet the Fuck Buddies!

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