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Men In2 Sex



74 min.


Nico Blade, Danko Bell, Bob Hammer, Wild Willy, Mitch Brawn, Steven Richards, Randy Jones, John Marcus


Men In2 Sex, JalifStudio Gay HD Porn Free – John Marcus is one of those silly hairy chested guys who has just emerged from the closet. He has 37 years of sexual repression and Wild Willie wants to give it to him! Watch John get tips and penises from his newly found gay friends! Bob loves muscular men, so when he saw Randy Jones, he knew a treat was in store! He has it all: muscle, sex drive, and cock! Men In 2 Sex Watch this muscle bound miracle man successfully fuck his skinny friend! Danko Bell was surfing the web at his desk when his roommate Nico got excited as usual. Nico is much more muscular and athletic than Danko, so when Nico wants something, he knows he can get it!

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